NBA playoffs, Philadelphia-Miami 104-91: Belinelli 11, 76ers in the second round

Philadelphia (3) -Miami (6) 104-91 (Philadelphia wins the 4-1 series) The 76ers change gear in the third quarter and send ko Miami ripping the pass for the second round in a series not easy but managed with great maturity by the team of Brett Brown. Philadelphia becomes the first team to qualify for the conference semi-finals in the East. After a balanced first half in which the two attacks do not take off, Redick and Embiid accelerate in the third fraction, Simmons claps his usual applause and Philly runs away.

Miami goes under even 18 lengths but pulls out the pride and manages at least to sweat the 76ers until the end. Marco Belinelli struggles to find rhythm from the perimeter but once again manages to go in double figures (11 points in 30 ') and in the final he signs two very important baskets. There is also rapper Meek Mill who, a few hours after he was released from prison, arrives at the Wells Fargo Center to play the bell halfway between the audience and the players, before the quintets were introduced. Ben Simmons shows flashes of his immense class from the ball to two, but Philadelphia is too wrong to iron and Miami, despite the good defense of the 76ers, does just enough to hold on to the home team. Saric can not find rhythm to the shot, Embiid in attack goes to AC, with the entry of Wade so the Heat try to accelerate but fail to take control of the operations because they slam against the aggressive defense of the owners. Winslow tries to shake off the bench, but the match remains very balanced more than anything else for the demerits of the two attacks. At the interval, the teams are paired on 46-46 with Philadelphia, who in the first two quarters pulls a bad 2/12 from the long distance.Follow the best daily extra tips that are on the market.

The 76ers attack changes gear in the third quarter. The triples begin to enter, Philly takes pace from the perimeter and places the sprint. Covington and Redick lead the home team to double-digit advantage, the beautiful assist no look of Beli to Ilyasova then gives the Philadelphia +13 to 3'40 '' from the end of the third period. The home team touches the +18, Dragic tries to respond but the 76ers still close a splendid third quarter ahead 80-66. Philadelphia seems in total control and with the basket of Embiid back to +18 to 9'46 '' from the siren but just as the public begins to sing a "We want Boston" Miami pulls out the pride and tries to call into question the result. A partial 10-0 brings back to life the Heat that remain clinging to the match. The triple Ellington scares the Wells Fargo Center and brings the Heat to -8 to 2'57 '' from the end but we think Marco Belinelli to reassure the Philadelphia fans. The blue man scores from the perimeter, offers a splendid assist for the Redick triple and closes the score from underneath the '36 '' from the siren.

Philadelphia can thus celebrate the passage of the session with its audience that greets the players with the now legendary "Trust the Process" choir. Philadelphia: BELINELLI 11 (4/9 from two, 0/3 from three and 3/4 from free) with three rebounds and three assists in 30 '. Redick 27 (1/3, 5/10), Embiid 19. Rebounds: Embiid 12, Simmons 10. Assist: Simmons 6. Miami: Olynyk 18 (6/9, 1/7), T. Johnson 16, Dragic 15. Rebounds: Olynyk 8. Assist: Olynyk 6.

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